Soltice Steps Sunset

Sunset in Lakewood, Ohio

Lake Erie has some of the best sunsets, that is out of the question. The parks along the lake each provide an amazing atmosphere and view, but the Soltice Steps in Lakewood, Ohio is one of the best. The name, the Soltice Steps, was obtained from their placement. The steps face in the direction, so you can be seated and view the Northernmost point, where the setting sun reaches on the Summer Solstice.


Wild Thing

There is a fantastic urban art piece by one of Cleveland’s own, Fade Resistant Artist, which has Ricky Vaughn from the well known movie, Major League. Although this is an old, favorite movie about the Cleveland Indians, released in 1989, the Cleveland Indians name/logo have always had controversial views, as they are known to depict the Native Americans as Indians. During this 2020 season, which is the latest starting and shortest season to date because of the pandemic, it might be the last season for the Indians, who are now looking to change their name. My vote is for SPIDERS, with black uniforms, of course…

2019 Fade Resistant Artist in Cleveland, Ohio


Throughout the Covid 19 pandemic, the Cleveland scene has gone mad and sad, so we had a great night of music to get everyone back to being glad again. Mulberry’s has a nice, open area, with plenty of outdoor space, so social distancing was a nice plus to have throughout the night, as well as everyone staying in line with the rules of wearing a mask. It was just a great night of music overall, with all of the great friends who have missed hearing our favorites through the speakers. July SAWESOME was a hit.

Secret Sauce with that DNB
Beekir with his electro and breaks, then playing a special surprise set with DNB!
Surprise DNB from Homework Guy!
Andre Leone with that funky house.
Sunset + Music = SAWESOME
Leicester London Music

Day 6/7

G:ONE Drum & Bass Murda Preview | WODNB Home Invasion 2 | DJ Tarnish Friday Night | DJ 27 Disco Art | DJ Andre Leone | Oxygen Part 2

Well, we are journeying through this world together. The music is getting better and better by the day, so we are here to share some great musical experiences for you.

G:ONE Drum & Bass Murda

MC G1, G:ONE MC or also referred to as Joe Green. He has always been involved in music. Having toured the world, including the recent World of Drum & Bass, the future is very bright for this artist. This new G:ONE track, Drum & Bass Murda, comes out July 1st, but check out a clip of the video below to get a sneak peak of this hotness from the UK.

Another WODNB Home Invasion 2 is coming June 6th, with the line up that will keep the whole world’s DnB community going until we can once again rave as The World of Drum and Bass…


-DJ Interviews
-DnB workout classes
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-Production master classes
-A worldwide community coming together in one stream

Tune in Friday, May 15 at 6:00 PM EST on 103.5 for another episode of Tainted&Tarnished Hosted by DJ Tarnish

Disco Art for Spike Heart from DJ 27: A blend of old Disco and Deep House for my buddy. Lots of happy grooves, old and new!

DJ Andre Leone

From being bit by the “ravebug” back in 1997, Andre Leone developed a serious love for electronic music, mainly House and Techno. While being influenced by such DJs like Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, Derrick May, Carl Cox and countless others, Andre decided to start DJing himself and hasn’t looked back. By learning the tricks of the trade from his fellow DJ friends and by moving to Chicago in 1999 and getting schooled in Chicago House Music, Andre has took everything, paid some dues and has molded himself into what he plays today while learning along the way. Andre Leone has become a DJ not to be missed. He brings a smooth blend of various shades of House music, from chunky and funky to jazzy and deep, sure to get the dancefloor jackin!! Andre has played everywhere in the Midwest, including Chicago, Indiana, as well as holding residencies in Columbus and his hometown Cleveland. Andre has also rocked the floors alongside headlining acts such as Dj Dan, Roy Davis Jr, Andy Caldwell, Bryan Jones, The Sound Republic, Brian Gardner and Jevon Jackson.

Click HERE for the new QWRNTN_DAZE mix by Andre Leone

Photo credit : Allison Scarpulla

Playing tracks by

Oral DeepDelano SmithCarmine GiulianoJimpsterFresh & Low and more.

Cabin Fever jams.
Shake it off, it’s almost over…kinda..

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