Event flyers

Event flyers are one of the most traditional, creative and interesting ways to attract people to your event. They play a vital part in many organiser’s event promotion strategy. If you want your promotion to be a success, you need a design that can stand out from the crowd.

We can design an event flyer that reinforces your brand in an eye-catching, relevant and honest way. We are able to a design that is both original and demands attention, helping your to win half the battle in creating a successful event.

Get people at your show
by looking the part

Designs from £40

Cover art

Album covers are the most commonly used promotional tool in a music artist’s toolbox. It is a powerful resource that can be used to grab the attention of the public. A professionally designed album cover increases the likelihood that fans and potential fans stop what they’re doing to press play.

For platforms like SoundCloud, Mixcloud and Facebook, instant visual appeal is mandatory for serious music artists. We can provide cover artwork for your products, both physical and digital.

Unfortunately, people
are judged by their covers

Designs from £40

Logos & branding

An easily recognisable logo is integral to the careers of many music creators. Having a unique and powerful brand image makes musicians more desirable for bookings, helping you shift merchandise and making your online music profiles look much more professional.

Music logos appear across a range of mediums, including:
  • live event posters
  • merchandise
  • social media
  • music streaming services
  • music videos.

Make sure your brand
is recognisable

Designs from £80


Lots of music creators commission artists to edit photos to give their fans a taste of how they want to be portrayed. Photoshopped images like this are very popular in the electronic dance music realm. It is important to share visually captivating posts of yourself.

We can create a  unique aesthetic and visual appeal that’s original to your style of music. Artists that post these kinds of edited photos may land clients just through a few cool images.

Give your fans something to share

Designs from £40


For those that aren’t really sure what these are, music visualisers, or audio visualisers, are animated videos with visual effects that react and change to the sounds of a song, creating a pleasant experience for the listener. They are a great alternative to music videos because they are far less expensive.

Creating interesting visual effects to sync along to music is something that’s worth exploring. 

Keep your listeners entertained

Designs from £80


Create imagery that not only represents your brand, but something that will sell. All great artists have merchandise and many musicians make a substantial amount of their total income selling merchandise at shows and online, so it’s critical to have great design work. This is especially important for larger acts.

Touring artists earn between 10-35% of their revenue through merch sales. Merchandise sales fall right under touring as the most lucrative aspect of being a professional musician.

Sell out of merch at every show

Designs from £40


For platforms like SoundCloud, Mixcloud and Facebook, instant visual appeal is mandatory for serious music artists. Great banners are sought after on these platforms because that’s where a musician’s music lives. 

Make sure your music platform not only sounds amazing, but looks visually stunning too.

Consistency is key

Designs from £40

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